About us

Ram Information Technology (RIT) is an ITES based web development company with 10 years of experience in the field of Medical Transcription Services. Our mission is to help physicians in their Day-to-Day Transcription so that they can take care for their patients. We want long-term relationships with all our clients, irrespective of volume.

RIT is providing affordable, custom and quality Medical Transcription and billing services with latest and emerging Web Technologies. RIT invites its website visitors & Hospitals to outsource their Medical Transcription and Service projects with us and save their money. Ram Information Technology. in short called RIT is a “Ten year old” Transcription Service Provider (TSP), delivering transcript services for its client base in India & United States of America.

RAM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. (RIT) is the pioneer of medical transcription in India. If you are looking for a partner that is committed to quality and integrity, then RIT is for you. At RIT, customer success and excellence are the top corporate goals, with sales and profits being the natural outcomes.